We receive from your device and store on our servers the following data:

What data can be obtained:

How data is used

These data are necessary for the stable and correct operation of the application. And also for analytics and improvement of our application.

Data transfer to third parties.

User data is private and not transferred to third parties.

Legality of data collection

The user of the application confirms that any data related to the phone number used in the Application belongs to the user legally. The user guarantees that the data processing does not violate the rights of third parties and any use of the Application is carried out with the consent of the user and on his direct instructions.

The amount of data processed.

The user has read the functionality of the application and agrees to the processing of data to the extent to which they are used in the Application

Success Rate

The application has 96% success rate. This is the highest rate among all similar apps.

Shelf life

We delete activity data older than 10 days. You can download reports.

Consent to the processing of your data

By accepting these rules you confirm your acceptance of the Rules and give the unconditional right to the Application to use Your data for processing purposes, as well as the right to request and process data from other services.

Unsubscribing means that your consent is revoked, which obliges the Application to delete your data.

* This app is not associated with or affiliated with any app. You will not receive any access permission.

Last updated: 01 Jan. 2020

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