Monoli is an extremely useful Whatsapp tracking program.

Whatsapp application, which is on almost everyone’s phones today and has become an indispensable part of daily life, does not notify users whether the people registered in their contacts are online or not. Because of this situation, many users start looking for tracking programs to find out if their friends using Whatsapp are online. At this point, Monoli comes to the rescue of those who are looking for a Whatsapp monitoring program with its user-friendly interface and easy use. Monoli allows you to check whether the people you want to follow are online on Whatsapp. Moreover, even if these people have blocked you, you can continue to receive notifications through our application.

Wouldn’t you like to see when your loved ones are online on Whatsapp?

By using Monoli, you can see when your loved ones are online on Whatsapp at any time. Whether you’re asleep, at a business meeting, or doing something else, Monoli will report the minute by minute at what time of the day the person you want to follow is online.

Do you have doubts about how much time your child spends on Whatsapp?

With the Monoli Whatsapp tracking program, you can now easily see how long your child spends on Whatsapp. In this way, you can prevent malicious people from communicating with your child and prevent unwanted situations from occurring, preventing your child from interrupting his lessons or being sleep deprived.

Do you suspect someone who sees your Whatsapp messages but doesn’t reply to you?
Thanks to Monoli, nobody has the chance to distract you with the excuse of “I haven’t seen your message”. Because you can easily see who is online or offline at what time. Moreover, it is possible to follow more than one number via Monoli.

How Monoli Whatsapp Tracking Program Works?

Monoli is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is save the phone number and name of the person you want to follow. From this moment on, Monoli will instantly notify you of the movements of the person you are following on Whatsapp. Moreover, you don’t need to go into practice for this. Monoli instantly sends you the Whatsapp actions of the person you follow on your phone as a notification. Monoli Whatsapp tracking program is daily and

generates statistics reports weekly. Thus, you can review the Whatsapp activities of the people you follow at any time.

If you wish, you can customize the notifications you want to receive. What you need to do for this is to open the notification settings from the settings section in the upper right corner of the main page. After entering the notification settings, you can enable notifications only when the person you want to follow Whatsapp for is online. Or, conversely, you can enable notifications when the person you follow goes offline. You can use these two features together, or you can turn off both notifications at any time. You can also activate or deactivate the notification sounds in the notification settings section.

Is Monoli Whatsapp Tracking Program Reliable?

Whatsapp users are in search of a spy Whatsapp monitoring program to view the Whatsapp activities of the people they are curious about. However, many of the Whatsapp tracking programs claimed to have been created for this purpose cannot provide sufficient efficiency and security for users. Monoli, on the other hand, is 100% safe and the people you follow will never be aware of this. The error rate of the notifications you will receive through the Monoli Whatsapp tracking program is 0.

Monoli, “pay as you go!” With its price policy based on its logic, it provides its users with a budget-friendly Whatsapp monitoring program experience. You can follow any person you want with reasonable price options by paying 9.99 TL for number 1, 19.99 TL for number 2, 29.99 TL weekly for number 3. If you have a problem with the application, you can contact us 24/7 by choosing from the settings section, email support or Whatsapp support options, and you can take advantage of the convenience of tracking the Whatsapp movements of the people you want by using our Whatsapp tracking application.

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